Corinthians AFC

A Blast from the past!!!

Corinthians 1st Team - Season 1988-89

Top Left To Right:
Alan Perkin - Striker (pre I ate all the pies era); Graham Watson - Centre Half (left the NSC to talk to the trees!!); Mark Dudley - Striker (where has all me hair gone!!); Mike Safe Hands Dodgy Knees Harding - Keeper (kept more clean sheets than Clucas's Laundry); Mark Adams - Midfield (pre I ate all the Chocolate Bars era also used same hairstylist as Mr. Perkin); Stevie Beaker Gardener - Striker/Defender (former U-Boat Captain now presents Crimewatch Foxdale); Eddie Gill - Manager retired at the top just like Cloughie!!
Front Row:
Tony Motson Mepham - Centre Half (capable of landing opponents and balls in Douglas Cemetery rumoured to be taking over from Sepp Blatter at FIFA); Lee Partington - Left Wing (Slimmest and Best Ever Left Foot in the Club - Nick
Cowell's inspiration); Les Bite Yer Legs and Everything Else Brown - Midfield (now semi-retired at the age 84!!); Timmy Tight Bottom Calladine - Left Back (left club for non-league obscurity with Old Boys after failing to grow a muzzie like Les Brown's; Keith Pew-Pew-Barney-Magrew-Cuthbert-Dibble & Grub Lunt - Midfield/Defender (again semi-retired spend his days polishing Fire Engines and evenings with the local Hell's Angel Chapter); Davie Gill - Right Wing (son of Cloughie!!).

Women's Team collecting Division 2 title 2004/5 prior to the FA Cup Final

Back Row (L to R): Billy Crowe (with Jasmine Cowin), Louise Quirk, Leonie Roberts, Kerry Cowin, Louise Callister, Julieanne Shimmin, Lucy Kinrade, Hannah May, Sarah O'Reilly, Lynette McComish, Michael Quilliam

Front Row (L to R) Zoe MaCann, Ali Breen, Helen Thomas, Claire Bettridge, Voirrey Holmes, Karen Clague

The first team that defeated Rushen Utd 4-0 in a Division 1 match on 25th October 1980

Back row: B Quiggin (Secretary), M Williams, S Riding, M Harding, M Quayle, K Clarke, P Beattie

Front row: P Quayle, D Southern, R Corkish, G Corran, J Fenlon, G Gough

The Cowell Cup winning side of 1992

Back Row L to R: Tony Mepham, Brendan Cullen, John Coppell, Stuart Corran, Jim Travers, Nick Cowell, Ricky Lovett, Billy Crowe

Bottom Row L to R: Paul Davis, Mark Christian, Mark Bryan, Danny Clague, Johnny McDowell, Nigel Moody, Mark MacDuffie 


Can you help identify everyone in the photo's below provided by Les, before my time...Year 1985/6?

So far... Back row L to R Dick Ward (Chairman), Keith Lunt, John Curtis (Combi Manager), Steve  Burns, Les Brown, Hidden?, Tim Calladine, Mark Dudley, Alan Gawne, John Prescott, Nick Gough, Alan Perkin, Lee Partington, Ian Gardner, Mike Harding (kev's dad), Tony Mepham, Phil Kelly, Gordie Corran, Phil Scarffe, Chris Corkill?, Colin Thompson, Gary Corlett (i think), Nigel Simpson, Chris Whittaker, Richard Chatham, Neil Ormerod?, Mark Handley, Robbie Lee, ?, Robbie Corkish, Steve Pitts & ? Buchanan(sponsors), Graham Watson, Kenny Strickett, ?

Front Row L to R Mark Adams, Mark Curphey, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jeff Looker, Nigel Kinrade


Back Row: - Paul "Rambo" Craige (Derek's Son), Nigel Kinrade, Phil Kelly, Mark Dudley, Ian Rotheram, Lee Partington, John Callow, John "Buzzer" Curtis

Front Row: - Jeff Looker, Michael Quilliam, Scott Swayne, Gordie Corran, Steve Burns, Chris Whittaker

Back Row: - Dick Ward (Chairman), Mark Adams, Paul Craige, John Callow, Les Brown, Alan Perkin, Johnny Bellis, Nigel Kinrade, Phil Kelly, John Curtis, Mike Harding, Gordie Corran, Graham Watson, Michael Quilliam, Lee Partington, Ian Rotheham, Mark Dudley, Keith Lunt

Front Row:- Paul Noon, Jimmy Clague, Tony Mepham, Jeff looker, Timmy Caladine, Scott Swayne, Steve Burns, Chris Whittaker, Phil Scarffe, Robbie Corkish

14/16 1985 - After cup final win at Castletown

Back row L-R: Paul "Charlie" Harrison, Ray Corlett (manager), David Faragher, Chris Corkill?, Graham "Shag" Morgan, Barryjohn Hay,

Alex Gelling (had scored 2 30 yarders before being subbed off), Mark " Terrace Chippy" Handley, Darren Coxon, Kevin Murphy?

Bottom Row: Mark Curphey, ?, Johhny Clarke, Gary Corlett, Shaun Faragher